Opening hours

Montag  09am - 1pm by arrangement
Dienstag 09am - 1pm by arrangement
Mittwoch 09am - 1pm 2pm - 6pm
Donnerstag 09am - 1pm by arrangement
Freitag by arrangement 2pm - 6pm
Samstag 10am - 2pm


Appointments can be made by phone or e-mail.

For surgery you should plan at least a week in advance.

Acutely ill/injured animals can be presented at any time without an appointment.

Working schedule


  Morning Afternoon
Monday Frau Dr. Gröndahl Frau Dieck
by appointment only
Tuesday Frau Meier-Schünemann Frau Dr. Gröndahl
by appointment only
Wednesday Frau Dr. Gröndahl Frau Meier-Schünemann
Thursday Frau Dr. Gröndahl Frau Dr. Gröndahl
by appointment only
Friday Frau Dr. Gröndahl
by appointment only
Frau Meier-Schünemann
Saturday Veterinarians in alternation

Short-term changes are possible. We ask if necessary for telephone consultation.

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